5 Easy Ways an Air Purifier for Pet Allergies Can Help

healthy airYou breathe in about 11000 liters of air each day, what is the state of this air that you breathe in?

Is it harmful and way more polluted than outdoor air?

Most people tend to think that indoor air is cleaner but research shows that indoor air can be worse than outdoor air, especially if you have animals and pets like cats and dogs.

That is where you choose to put into consideration, achieving Optimal Indoor Air Quality and helping cure your allergies.

Provide clean natural air – this is easily accomplished by placing household plants during day time in your house or office. Plants take in the polluted air and give out clean oxygen air. Be specific though, on the type of plant you choose because much watering would lead to molds. Consider Aloe Vera, English Ivy and Ficus. However, plants cannot help with pet dander or hair.

Keep the floors clean – this can be done by dusting the room with a damp cloth rather than just brushing off the dust. After using the damp cloth you now vacuum the room with a HEPA-filter fitted vacuum (ensures dust is not blown back out into the exhaust). For best results do the vacuuming regularly to keep the dust particles away.

healthy air 2Avoid use of air fresheners – apart from giving you breathing problems air fresheners is made of harmful chemicals which are toxic and so when sprayed, adds components that lower air quality. This also just masks, but doesn’t get rid of pet dander, odors or hair. You can instead just open your windows for fresh air or use healthy odor absorbers; sprinkling baking soda mixed with fresh lemon juice or vinegar.

Another good idea is to add an air purifier to your home. This simple device can remove the pet dander, odor and hair easily and doesn’t require any hard work on your part.

Do not smoke inside the room or your home – cigarette smoke contains more than 3900 chemicals which is harmful to the smoker’s health as well as the passive smokers. Children get higher chances of getting asthma and breathing problems. When the room or house is a no smoking zone then the air is much healthier.

Stop pollutants at the entry points- this can be done by removing shoes before entering the house as well as putting door mats inside and outside the door, remember to change the door mats regularly.


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